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Hair Restoration

The hair replacement surgeons at The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery are two of the world’s leading authorities on hair loss and hair replacement.  With a combined 30 years of experience treating thousands of Beverly Hills men, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer include many movie stars and sports celebrities as patients.  The skilled hair loss surgeons at The Beverly Hills Institute guide all of their hair restoration patients through the maze of misinformation, and provide everything they need to know to make educated decisions about treating male pattern baldness and hair loss.

A number of scientific studies have show what we have all suspected, men are very sensitive and self-conscious about their hair loss.  Balding men feel self-conscious, less attractive and even helpless about their hair loss.  Even if the condition hasn’t progressed as far, and men are experiencing a thinning hair line, this can cause a man to feel older and less attractive.  While the old solution involved useless medication, an embarrassing unnatural hairpiece, or even a poorly done surgical procedure, Drs Fleming and Mayer develop highly customized treatment plans consisting of highly effective procedures.  By taking a more personal approach to hair restoration, the approach allows them to consistently deliver highly rewarding results for all of their male hair restoration patients in Beverly Hills.

Hair Replacement Procedures

Hair replacement surgery is a very basic question of supply-an-demand.  The hair on the sides and back of the head are genetically programmed to continue growing through a man’s life.  Using one of two basic hair replacement techniques, Flaps and Transplants harvest hair from the side and back of the head and relocate it to areas that my be thinning.  For a natural appearance, it’s important to use a patient’s own hair follicles to evenly distribute existing hair.  Despite the re-positioning of the hair, the hair will continue to grow throughout the life of a patient further promoting a more youthful hairline.

It is important to note that patients don’t actually gain hair from either a Flap or Transplant procedure.  The hair is just more evenly distributed across the whole scalp.  The ultimate goal of hair restoration surgery is to permanently eliminate bald areas of the scalp, and to evenly distribute the existing hair to the entire scalp.  Both the Fleming/Mayer Flap procedure and Hair Transplant can be combined with scalp reduction and tissue expansion to complement and improve the results achieved.

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